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Duxbury Architect's philosophy concerning green architecture and construction is most importantly built in to the design and geometry of the house. The green factors we consider when designing a project are the following:


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Green design is not new. Good architecture has always naturally reflected all of the above strategies in their design. This is obvious in regional design and the work of past masters such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Antonio Gaudi.

Peter Duxbury graduated from Syracuse University in 1974. His thesis was on a sustainable building system using all found materials and methods that were indigenous to Porto Santo Island in Portugal: a system that developed maximum building systems using minimal energy, resources and money. Peter started developing passive solar design houses, which heated and naturally ventilated without mechanical systems, in Upstate New York in the 1970's. Peter has been designing green houses for over 35 years. Duxbury Architects has a staff of all licensed architects that understand and have used the above strategies. Peter project manages and directs the engineers and other consultants to integrate these systems into one architecture.

Green architecture goes beyond the use of recycled materials, using ground up blue jeans as insulation, and using energy star products. Green, simply put, is about good architecture, designed by knowledgeable architects.

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